Where are the SoM modules? most 1 year after announcement on Spectra


@will When will the SoM modules be available or at least when can we have the documentation or a timeline.

Nice to have these announced in September 2018, but we are almost 1 year later and still nothing. That was too early for a teaser then.

I am looking forward to these industrial versions but I need to have info O can not wait forever I need to go forward with our designs


@will can anyone get back to me on this please?


Hey there @GrtVHecke

Sorry for the delay. We are expecting to make them broadly available before the end of the year, and have already released documentation which includes pin mappings and system diagrams.

I hope that helps in the interim before we make the product widely available. We are close…


@will Any news on the Xseries? Is any documentation available for that?


@will thank you for the link of the documentation. In our design we will be needing ting the A, B and X series (interchangeable I hope). The current documentations only for the B series. Any idea on when the A and X series documentation will be available as well?

On more question, in the datasheet what is the difference between VCC (System power in, connect to the +LiPo or supply a fixed 3.6-4.2v power) and 3V3 (System power in, supply a fixed 3.0-3.6v power)?

thank you


@will Amy update on the other som Specs?


@will any news on this please?