Where are bugs reported?

Does Particle have a formal bug reporting database where we can lookup reported issues? My search has only found the instructions to prefix posts with "[ISSUE]". Is that really it? How do we (customers) track issues?

I'm hoping there's something better than browsing the Community forum and teasing out [ISSUE] posts that are intertwined among discussion threads. I'm assuming I'm missing something because when I browse the community forums, there aren't that many issues. Thanks.

The community forum is the correct location for free and basic (formerly growth) tiers.

Enterprise tier has a ticket tracking system.

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@lance - just repeating what my colleague says above, that's really the best way to do it. We monitor the forums very closely and do our best to be aggressively in touch when an issue is reported.

okay, a tiered system Got it. Thank you.

I can search categories using "[ISSUE]" in the search field. Any thoughts making that a tag?

What exactly are you looking to do?