When Redbear Duo will gain product support?

This is great news ! I wonder if/when Redbear Duo will follow same path :pray:

Hey there @duffo64 – are you creating a product based on the Duo?

Er… yes. It’s about since six months that I am waiting for compounds compatibility in products creation, and now I see Bluz but not duo: like a knife in my heart :wink:

That’s great – glad to hear it! Have you already been in touch with our Customer Success team? It would be great to get on the phone and learn more about what you’re building. I’m happy to provide you with an intro if you’re interested.

Thanks @will,

Start of June 2016 I asked about, and got this reply (quoted):

Thanks for reaching out.
The dashboard is not yet fully compatible with the Duo, but will be in the near future. We will make that announcement on our forums when it is up.

Since then...silence.

OK! Did you ask in the forums, or were you emailing with someone on our team?

Edit: I modified the thread title to be more descriptive of the request.

Sorry @will , forgot to specify: mailed sales.


Do you know the name of the individual you spoke with? I will follow up internally to learn more.

You have mail.

And just to reiterate the concept, more or less same answer in mid August

Also interested in the roadmap for this. I received an email titled “New product: RedBear Duo (Wi-Fi + BLE)” (pasted below) back in April and assumed Duo was fully supported. Product features are pretty critical for our application as we scale.

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I am a bit tired to hold my breath for this.

  • Duo is the unique compound in the Particle ecosystem offering ble central role
  • Duo is the unique compound not fully integrated in the Particle ecosystem

… strange math.