What's up with the billing page?

A couple of days ago it seems the billing page stopped updated my data usage, and then yesterday the format changed completely and it doesn’t show my data usage at all. Is this a temporary issue or are you no longer planning to show the data usage?


@rickkas7 might have some idea and here comes @jeiden

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Hello @spork! Great question. In addition to the new hardware being announced today, there’s also some improvements to our pricing that were rolled out.

As part of this change, we’ve exposed a couple new ways to see your SIM card data usage. The first, there’s now a SIMs page for all users on the Console. You can get to it by clicking on the SIM card icon in the sidebar.

You’ll see a list of your SIMs, and if you click on one, it will expose it’s data usage in an expanded row:

In addition, you’ll now get some nice searching/filtering tools to help you find the SIM you’re looking for much easier than on the old billing page.

Also, you can now see SIM data usage from the device details page. If the device is using a Particle SIM, you’ll see a new tab for “SIM data usage,” which will show you info on the Particle SIM inside this device.

Hopefully this makes it easier to manage your SIMs and easily see data usage!


Thanks very much. Lots of nice new features. Looking at the new page it appears my usage has not gone up in the past couple of days (whereas it normally goes up by about .02MB/day). Is that just the result of moving to the new system and not yet having it complete?


There’s nothing on our radar as to why SIM data usage reporting would not be functioning properly, but we’ll check it out to be sure.


You guys are doing very cool things! It’s hard not to love your new pricing.

Changing the subject (not sure if I should do that in this thread). It looks like I could now use the Boron where I currently use the Electron. I see it has a different footprint, but I also see you sell an inexpensive adapter. Does that adapter allow me to plug the Boron into an existing PC board where the Electron goes?

Thanks - and let me know if I should put this in a new thread.