What's the status of the WICED license?

I decided I wanted to understand the Photon firmware, so I’ve been carefully tracing though it, and I came across the WICED headers. I see they have an open source license in the header comments, and I saw a comment elsewhere on this forum that this license was new in WICED SDK 3.3.0. But I can’t find that version of the SDK. I can download 3.3.1 and some later releases, but those same files contain the “UNPUBLISHED PROPRIETARY SOURCE CODE” license.

What happened, here? Did Broadcom open source these headers in 3.3.0 and then close them back up in 3.3.1? Do we expect later releases to be open source, again? Thanks!

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They made a special version for :particle: :smile:

Interesting. Thanks for clearing that up. I hope Broadcom will make those files open source in the SDK they release to everyone, at some point!