What's the extra bit in the Eagle schematic library for Photon

I’m new to Eagle and Photon, so forgive me if this is a naive question. But what is the extra bit that comes when you add a Photon to your schematic? I took a screen shot of part of my incomplete schematic that I’m working on, and circled the bit I don’t understand. When I plopped down the Photon, that part came next.

Those are pads exposed at the bottom - http://docs.particle.io/photon/photon-datasheet/#5-4-recommended-pcb-land-pattern-photon-without-headers

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These are actually test points exposed on the underside of the board primarily for use in production test, but you can repurpose them too (I know others have used the RGB outputs to place a LED on a case, for instance.

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It’s also for people surface mounting the headerless photon on their own PCB and easily access those pins :wink:

Thanks, all. I get it now.