What very cool projects did you come across?

Hi, Particle community!

do not ask me why but I was browsing Hackster.io and found some incredibly cool projects.

Please feel free to post one project you liked or found very clever below!

These are only two I’ll post right now. (wanna help? post one)

From David Middlecamp, a walkie talkie:

And the star of the night (just for tonight) for me is this oscilloscope from Bary Nusz:


edit: David Middlecamp is that you, @Dave?


Not a hardware project, but I have maintained an alternative CLI-based Particle Development solution for several years. This year I reimplemented it in Python and added full Particle Workbench compatibility:


amazing work there, Nathan!

heya! Yup, that’s an old project of mine! @rickkas7 made a much better version more recently that uses DMA, and isn’t as buggy as mine. But I always hoped someone would make it into a slightly-more-polished, goofy kickstarter or something, low-budget wifi walkie talkies or something. :slight_smile: :wave: