What version of the firmware is the cloud IDE using? [SOLVED]

I’m writing and compiling code locally - when I try to port the code to the cloud IDE (much CTRL+C), I have problems which I think have to do with using things in the firmware libs which don’t exist.

Then again I may just be doing something ridiculous and silly… but aside from that, is the IDE using the latest firmware found on github?

Here’s the repo with the code
I’m new to this sort of programming (embedded) so comments/questions/criticism is welcome.


If you look at the github branch, it should be server-compile2 (I didn’t check since im on mobile)

In the Web IDE, under Settings, you will see the firmware version and the links to the repo :slight_smile:


Thank you! I knew it was somewhere easy that I wasn’t looking.

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I can’t find that 4 year old information anymore from the web IDE. Any ideas where the Cloud version number is located? Or at least the github link to the releases. Particle has so many github repositories it is difficult to find anything.

In Web IDE hit image
There you see all your devices and a chevron > next to it.
Hit that then you’ll see this for mesh devices

The system binaries are not yet online at https://github.com/particle-iot/firmware/releases but they will come soon too.
However, when flashing an rc.26 application Safe Mode Healer should also update your device OS.
If you happen to get a system upgrade, don’t worry the device OS update will still proceede.