What kind of UI Creation Tools for the photon are there?

Hello Everyone!

I have spent the last few days trying to find a UI Creation Tool that will work for what I need. What I am trying to do is be able to make a educational software with the particle cloud. I need the teachers to be able to go onto their computers and be able to create a lesson online. This all needs to be web-based, and pretty user-friendly!

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Have you got any examples of this (elsewhere)?

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Could you expand on what the UI creation tool is for?
For a teacher creating lesson content for using Particle Cloud?

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I am building a platform for teachers to create a escape room that will be facilitated by particles cloud and my 4 photon boards! I need a web baced UI platform so I can make a easy and efficient way for a teacher to make 4 questions and 4 answer for each escape room puzzle!