What kind of external data do your projects need?

I see a lot of desire to have external data accessible on our cores.
I’m thinking about adding this feature to atomiot.com.

The service could monitor the data and execute a function on the core passing in the data.

Here’s the list I see so far.

Weather data
Facebook likes

Would this be useful? What other types of data would be useful?

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Regional location of all Spark Cores around the the World. (If that’s possible)

By all means have a Facebook function or a Yahoo! Weather interface but best would be a generalised JSON query: Then I can get whatever I want.

Interesting. A thought of how that might work.
You configure a data query by defining the URL, the frequency to query it, and the function to execute.
On schedule, it would execute a get request against the URL, then execute the function against the core passing the data blindly without trying to interpret anything.

Sounds pretty versatile. And very error prone! I would just get strict on disabling poor or rogue setups.

What do you think?

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Not sure if I follow. Do you mean everyone’s cores?
There’s no way you’ll be able to get data about other people’s devices.
I don’t think there’s any way to determine a core’s IP address through the spark API.
What are you trying to achieve?

It was just a thought to plug a world map; that’s all.

That would be a cool map view. Creates privacy concerns galore, but I totally want to see that!