What is the difference between each of the compile builds?

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Can someone explain to me the differences between cloud compiling, localApp, and localAppDevicesOS? Does it matter which one i use if my goal is to cloud flash?


@ata2, “cloud compiling” refers to the compile server farm hosted by Particle and what the Web IDE and the Particle CLI use for compiling your code.

LocalApp refers to locally compiling (on Particle Workbench with a local toolchain) only the application portion of the code which is useful when you have made changes to your app only and have not changed the version of the DeviceOS for which you are compiling.

LocalAppDeviceOS refers again to locally compiling the entire DeviceOS and Application code which is typically done when you change the version of the DeviceOS and so need to recompile everything.

Typically, when compiling locally, you set your DeviceOS version and do a LocalAppDeviceOS compile once. Then, you can do LocalApp compiles after you change you application code and want to test it again.

It doesn’t matter which you use as any of these will allow to cloud locally flash.