What is the best way to store data while offline?


I’m working on an Electron project where my device may be offline for extended periods of time. It will still be gathering data, and should dump that data as soon as cell service is re-established.

I found Mass storage for the Photon, but I do not want to use an SD card. I need to use some kind of chip, EEPROM or otherwise, to store data. 128KB of storage should be plenty.

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations on what kind of chip to use and the supporting libraries (hopefully built in to particle!) to interact with it.

Thanks very much!

I’ve also tried flashee, but my device immmediately goes into SOS when it boots up. Perhaps I have it misconfigured. I can’t seem to find a solid yes or no as to whether flashee works on the Electron.

I’m currently working on using an external SPI EEPROM chip.

@TylerB, take a look at SPIFFS which I have testes successfully on a 1Mb SPI flash:


Thanks peekay! I’ve finally got it working ( [SOLVED] Using external EEPROM via SPI ) so I will hopefully be good to go from here.

I’ll take a look at SPIFFS and see what I can glean from it. Much appreciated!

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