What is low cost compact motor shield?

What is a good low cost compact motor shield? Seems like best idea to run my three pumps is to get a shield capable of running three motors. One that runs on 3.3V. I see the adafruit motor shield V2 (is it 3.3v compatible?). Is that the best bet or is there something more appropriate out there?

Right now I send commands from the spark core to an uno with a seeed motor shield. Rube Golderberg

@ruben, you could use two of these:


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Not to change the Adafruit suggestion, but I use Pololu for motor controllers.

The compact part is the key there. Now keep in mind, they aren’t tieing it up in a nice bow like a Shield is doing, or Adafruit is doing with their awesome documentation, but they are simple and small.

You might want to look in the store for the “Shield” Shield so you could use that existing shield.

Just really comes down to if you trying to control a brushed motor, brush-less motor, stepper motor, or Servo.

(This is what I use for <5v operations since it operates at 0-11v. The 8833 runs to 2.7-12.)

You drive it either a 1 or a 0 on the DIR pin, and then a pulse or a 1/0 on the Phase pin per side. So you will need 4 I/Os, but there is no libraries needed, just simple logic.