What BLE central

What I would like to do is each Xenon is connected to one ultrasonic sensor. each Xenon should calculate the distance and send the distance back to phone in about realtime. Basically it’s not a lot of data but the the transfer speed is more important to be represented on the phone. most of the processing will be done on phone. what I need is to send is like 3 values (node name, distance, …) between the Xenon and phone.

Currently, the Bluetooth api is not exposed in a friendly way. Unless you want to play with the system firmware and compile locally, you’ll have to wait a bit for that.
That said, depending on latency required, you could use local wifi based communication, or even over the cloud.

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I would like to know what is the fastest I can go my target to be less than 10ms latency. when BLE central is released to will meet this target? I’m looking for direct communication between Xenons and the phone.

Is there any document I can go through to compile it locally and test it on Xenon?