What are the benefits of using the Particle Cloud and how does it work?

Eventually, I want to create my own cloud to talk to but I’m not sure how I would make it work as the Particle Cloud does. I’m new to APIs and clouds so bare with me.

  1. What’s happening when I use Spark.variable() or Spark.function? How
    can I mimic that functionality with the TCP functions? Or is that
    the right approach at all?

  2. I’m going to walk through how I think initial device setup should go but correct me if I’m wrong:
    - WiFi.listen(); probably by using SmartConfig
    - WiFi.connect();
    - Then at this point I would attempt to “call home” to my custom cloud?
    - If I get a response, I’m basically “breathing cyan” or however I want to indicate that I’m connected. How would I continue to detect I was connected. How does the device<->particle cloud hand this?

I hope that’s enough information for what I’m attempting.

@MisterNetwork, thanks for pointing me to this tutorial!

If I’m understanding this right, I can switch to another cloud, i.e. http://api.mycloud.com and still use Spark functions. Right?

If that is a Spark cloud like mentioned in the post by @MisterNetwork, then yes. It’s a ‘light’ version of the ‘real’ cloud, which you can host and customise yourself. It gives you most of the functionality, but allows you to do your own thing with it, whatever that may be.

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What he - @Moors7 said! :slight_smile:
Certainly, the easiest way to get up and running quickly is via the Particle Cloud. Then mash it anyway you want!
In answer to your question about what’s happening.
From what I understand, variables/and functions basically interact directly with the Core/Photon via their cloud or yours. Search for publish() and subscribe() that can be accessed in several ways without really directly connecting.
Cool thing I’ve found in this forum is, that since the original Core is about 2 years old, almost anything you can think of to do with it, someone has done it or something similar. As an ol’ hacker myself, I’m LAZY!!! I love inventing, but I hate reinventing the wheel! Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the right search word.
Search around the forum and the amazing collection of people, and knowledge here. It’s time well spent.
I consider myself “seasoned” in the Particle world but I can easily spend an hour, and sometimes gosh knows how long… Doh!! searching through other posts for whatever it is I need to know.


PS - Search for HTTP instead of TCP


@MisterNetwork and @Moors7, thank you both. I will be living on this forum for the foreseeable future.