Weight Sensor and Solar Capabilities

Hi Community,

I have developed an MVP device around Particle that uses a camera, ultrasonic sensor, and some other sensors for waste monitoring. I have an opportunity in Africa but they will not have power sources like the UK and it currently uses too much power to survive on battery for more than a few weeks. It also necessitates me to add a weight sensor.

To not have wires all around the bin, I was wondering What weight sensor could I use eg HX711 to provide bluetooth readings to the particle board. The intention is to have a weight table at the bottom of the bin and the particle sensor/MVP at the top of the bin. I would like the weight of the bin contents to be received by the particle board. We have already coded to receive data and are currently using the webhooks.

b) What would be the best way to include a small solar panel to charge the particle board. Will I need otherh pieces besides the panel like a solar controller and an inverter?

If there is any advice you can provide around theses two things it'd be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Which Particle Device will you use ?
The suggestions will vary based on that.

Hey Ryan,

Using the B523

It's my understanding that the Particle SoM's allow/require you to provide your own circuitry for Battery Charging.
In addition to the reference design, there are several other designs (such as this) from Community members.

You could also go the route of using a 12V Panel, Battery, and step down converter without modifying your existing device/enclosure, but it seems that the space might be an issue for your application.

I'm sure you will get better feedback for the BSOM than I could provide :slight_smile:

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