Webservice for Sensor Data Visualisation


I would like to measure some sensors (temp., light, voltage) with the core, and publish to some web service.

I am searching a Web-Services/Software that can receive, store, summarize and visualize events.

Some hints and recommondations?

Update: So far I’ve seen:



You could POST the data to a Google Sheet “Form”…
Then you can run whatever visualization you wanted… or have a graph that auto updates…

BugLabs has Dweet + Freeboard that could do the same thing…

ThingSpeak is nice…

If you were willing to pay, you’d have to write some code but you could do a hosted statsd + graphite: https://www.hostedgraphite.com/

If it were me, I’d use a Google Spreadsheet, run charted, and have a process that exports automatically…

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There is also Atomiot from one of our members:


I have used my own HTML5/Javascript page to visualize data over time but without logging. I have used a trailing 16 sample plot window for temperature, for instance. The downside is that data is gone when your browsers closes, but for looking at trends this is sometimes OK.

If you don’t need visualization, just logging then there are lots of other alternatives.


Thanks for the input! The options look promising, especially http://atomiot.com/

I think cube + cubism.js might also be an option.

I tend to use Librato Metrics https://www.librato.com/ and just have a small python script getting the data from the Spark Cloud or MQTT and submitting it to Librato.

But i’m currently playing with the roll your own version of using InfluxDB http://influxdb.com/ with Grafana http://grafana.org/

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There’s also the option of using particle-api-js or node.js to capture and write data to file…

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