WebIDE - compile error: could not compile. please review your code

I have connected my spark core to network and tinker app works well. I can see the spark core in the WebIDE.
But, in WebIDE, I could not compile Blink LED example.
WebIDE shows only "could not compile. please review your code."
I did not modify anything of the example.

That’s already on this thread

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Sorry about that, the build farm had some downtime this morning, we fixed it and took steps to help avoid it in the future as well.


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hi guys!

Is this issue still on? It seems i cannot compile the same code if i create a new app and copy-paste the code. I have one older app where the same code compiles properly. What could possibly go wrong?

All i’m getting is the following:
Error: Could not compile. Please review your code.

No further comment.

A fast solution would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hey guys,

We deployed new firmware / a software update on the compile server recently, I’m clearing up space now, and looking into what broke. Sorry!


hi @Dave!

Any luck with the server? It is still doing the same :frowning:


Hi @Noten,

Just checked it again, it seems fine at the moment. Can you share your code by chance? Do you have any dodgy include statements?