[Webhooks] Super Simple Motion Activated Push Notifications

I don’t know why it’s not working with my PIR. I had it working by a 5V output before using my Photon. Here is the diagram. The pins are reversed from your diagram. http://www.mpja.com/download/31227sc.pdf

What exactly is ‘not working’? A description like that is a bit too vague to offer much help.
Also, please try not to cross-post over several topics, things tend to get messy, which will benefit no-one.

@collegeWaldo Your particular sensor (+Power) needs to be hooked to 5V (so you could use the VIN pin for that), output to D0 and GND to GND. It appears to output HIGH when it detects motion so the code should work as-is. If that’s not the case, try == LOW instead of == HIGH on both lines. You may have to play with the sensitivity and time delay adjustments. Watch the output of the sensor with a multimeter when you are playing with it, and it might be so sensitive that you have to completely leave the room for it to reset to it’s idle state. I have peaked around doorways before when testing mine… a funny site from the perspective of my Photon.


Man…I cannot believe how simple it is… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Awesome POST.

Maybe it is easy to use web hooks. The tutorial is so simple almost anyone can do it. But my problem is, I am not an operating systems guru, and because particle-cli fails to install on my W7 system, I can get no further. When looking for a way to fix this, all I find is a lot of things that are sure to mess up my computer, such as installing Visual Studio, some version of Python etc. Sorry to dump this on this thread, but I so want to test web hooks.

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Yeah…I can see where you’re coming from…It really sucks when issues with the computer prevents you from accomplishing certain things…

One idea is to try to use a Virtual Machine in which you could install another Operating System (e.g. Mac OS X, or another version of Windows). I know that this is not an easy thing to do, but thought i’d throw it in there just in case…

In terms of good tutorials that guide you through the process…Have you tried THIS ONE? (click on the link)

Also here’s another post on troubleshooting Particle CLI on Windows…HERE

I have the tutorial open on a page - node.js OpenSSL VisualStudio Python - this is what I have to install to get particle-cli. I just cant believe it. 20 years ago I said bye to CLI, and now I have to install gigas of other software to get a mandatory cli. To me this negates much of the thrill of the particle IoT adventure. I want to write just one thing - source code. The rest should be point&click. Surely this misery is a show stopper to more than me?

Apologize. Think I had a bad day yesterday. I honestly believe the Particle stuff and the movement it fuels is fantastic. Sorry I dumped my frustrations.



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Hey @Erlend @clarissa

I hope Particle hears your frustration. If the new dashboard can handle activating webHooks that would be very useful. I teach High School Robotics using the Photon and don’t want each student to have to setup the CLI . The Awesome Particle IDE is why I am using the Photon in the classroom.

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Hi, when I type “particle webhook create webhookchannel.json” in my command prompt, I get a output “Please specify a url”. I dont undersand what i’m doing wrong. I copy paste from the web site and I changed the Access Token and the #tag. Thanks for your help

Can you show the content of webhookchannel.json without the sensitive information?

“event”: “pushbulletHOME”,
“url”: “https://api.pushbullet.com/v2/pushes”,
“requestType”: “POST”,
“headers”: {
“Authorization”: “********************************”,
“Content-Type”: “application/json”
“json”: {
“type”: “note”,
“title”: “{{SPARK_EVENT_VALUE}}”,
“body”: “”,
“channel_tag”: “https://www.pushbullet.com/channel?tag=****
“mydevices”: true

Are you in the directory containing the .json file? Be sure to CD to the directory before you run the webhook command: particle webhook create webhookchannel.json

Weird. Are you running v.1.11.0 for the CLI?

It should be webhookchannel.json without the .txt so:

particle create webhook webhookchannel.json

I did the last update, but where can I confirm it?

That what happen when I type it without the .txt:

Hmmm i think it is the way how the file was created. You used the notepad which explains the .txt extension.

Can you attempt to recreate it and change the extension to .json instead of .txt?

Thanks a lot it work without the txt extention