Webhooks send to my own server

I have read through many web hook tutorials here and I still cant get this figured out. It should be so simple lol.

I have two variables to measure: temp, humidity. I have put them together in one particle publish (i think).

char datas[256];
snprintf(datas, sizeof(datas), "{\"humidity\":%d, \"temp\":%d}", humidity, tempc);
Particle.publish("all_things", datas, PRIVATE);

The dashboard it looks like this :

{"humidity":34, "temp":19)

But it also shows this when you click on the info :

	{"data":"{\"humidity\":34, \"temp\":20}","ttl":"60","published_at":"2016-09-07T22:24:12.146Z","coreid":"---------------------","name":"all_things"}

As you can see i have \ in my data, how can i remove those and have the webhook just send:

	{"data":"{"humidity":34, "temp":20}","ttl":"60","published_at":"2016-09-07T22:24:12.146Z","coreid":"-------------------------","name":"all_things"}

I got it, please close.

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Could you please elaborate what you did to solve this (or what your misconceotion was)?
That might help others in the future.