Webhooks or HttpClient to connect to other server/software

It has been a while since I last touched Particle. I am to build a gate/door opener with a Photon. My part is only the parking barrier + controller (Photon). The logic to open the gate will be handled by another programmer.

My progress is Photon can already read RFID number. A long range reader is connected to Photon via Wiegand connection. And it can trigger a relay.

That programmer said the logic “which card can go in” will be handled by him. He said that I need to ask his server for the permission whether this card is allowed to go inside or not.
I am not a web developer/programmer. What does he mean by this?

Can I assume I will need to use HttpClient library to do this?
For example ipaddress:port/open-gate?id=123456789?loc=2

http_request_t request; 
http_response_t response;

request.hostname = ADDRESS; 
request.port = PORT; 
request.path = "/open-gate?id=123456789?loc=2"; 
http.get(request, response, NULL); 

And then I check the response status, if it is 1 then open the gate?

Or maybe it is better I use webhooks? Or is there any other simpler/better way to do this?

I would not go with unencrypted HttpClient.
The straight forward way would be a webhook as it would be encrypted without any extra effort.
However, then your setup requires a working internet connection.
If you want your Photon to also be able to communicate with your local server when the internet connection is broken you may want to consider this

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