Webhooked lastfm/spotify current song to OLED display

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve successfully managed to connect the last.fm API via a webhook. This allows me to display the current song (last.fm or scrobbled spotify track) on a connected OLED display. Nothing too fancy, but I did not find a lot of webhook howto’s, so I figured I’d write one.

The howto is on tumblr and the (forked) code is on github.


Very cool project. Do you have plans to put everything in an enclosure or expand on the project any? Curious what you plan do to with this.

As the deadline for the party is getting closer, I need version 1.0 to work good enough, which will probably remain quite basic. I just found out that the speakers I use (which have Spotify build in) don’t scrobble to last.fm. But I can work around that using a regular desktop client and connect the speakers with bluetooth.

Building an enclosure around it is definitely on my todo list. One thought is putting it in an IKEA Sprida light (see http://hackaday.com/2016/06/14/projection-lamp-makeover-adds-led-matrix-and-raspberry-pi-zero/). I guess the OLED is not bright enough to use as a display. So I would need to switch to a LED matrix in that case.

Another thought is to hook it up to a FDS132 display (https://github.com/steviethecat/RaspberryPi-FDS132), but in that case I’m likely to switch the Photon for a Raspberry PI.

So I am certainly not done with the project. But the more important things for the party are also gaining priority (food and drinks. :slight_smile: ) I’ll update this thread with the enclosure iterations.