Webhook "rebounds" from oauth requests


I’m trying to send some data to our web-service that is located on an Azure cloud server. It uses OAUTH for authentication and i know the data structures to send data to our web-service through Fiddler (packet sniffer/generator) and that works correctly as i want it to work.

Is it possible to create a particle cloud webhook that would process the Azure OAUTH response and using the received bearer key to send a new post request ?
And, Is it secure to store OAUTH clientId + Secret hardcoded in the webhook ?

So do i have to parse the bearer key received from the webhook response -> process it in particle photon and pass the bearer key to a new webhook ?
This may also be impossible if the publish content size is at max 255bytes while the bearer key might be much longer in our case.

Another question regarding and related to this issue i.e. the use of webhooks. Is it secure to send sensitive data with the webhook publish function or does it use some kind of security ?