Webhook payload too large (~100kb), what HTTPS client are people using for Photon 2?

I'm trying to send a encoded eink images (~100kb in size) to Photon 2 devices, and ran into an issue. Since the Particle subscribe data has a max size of 1024 characters I'm assuming the solution would be to use a HTTPS client to GET the data and save it to a variable in flash memory (since I only need it to be around long enough to send to the screen).

I thought this would be as easy as grabbing an HTTPS Client library from the Particle libraries list, but I can't get any of them to work (It looks like I get dependency errors mainly when I try to compile - I tried to download all the dependences from Arduino tools manually, but the list kept getting bigger so I'm assuming that's not the solution). Is this a Photon P2 issue or something I'm doing wrong? Does anyone have a HTTPS client library working with the Photon 2 that they could recommend? Other suggestions also welcome.

Hi @Reggie365

Particle just launched a new feature called Asset OTA. Your need is the exact user case intended for the feature. You can now send images, binaries, text, and any other assets through the standard Over-The-Air updates. Please, take a look at this docs. There are already some community examples that can be useful for you.


Hey Alberto, whoa that's exactly that I'm looking for; it will be perfect. Thanks very much for the quick reply / solution.


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