Sending 1022 bytes using httpclient

I built a device with spark for brains that talks over RS232 and collects data. Some of the data received can be as much as 1022 bytes (no more than that)

I have tried to send the data to my server over Spark.publish (63 byte max) and Spark.variable (622 byte max), and finally using the “httpclient” lib. All seem to choke on a payload this large.

I really am keen on using the spark platform for my device. Any ideas on how to deal with large payloads like this? Perhaps the upcoming photon will solve my problems? Perhaps spark isnt a great solution? The device I am trying to replace is a raspberry pi, which of course handles the data perfect. Looking for some advice.


One note here, I will say that Spark.publish() was simply amazing. Coupled with the webhooks makes for a solution that is near perfect. The ONLY downside is the anemic 63 byte data limit. Hopefully this will be increased in the future!

Happy to report that with the photon I am able to send larger payloads. More memory is a good thing, and this new photon is so sexy :smile:

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WooHoo! Yay to progress! \o/

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@anthonywebb, I love a happy ending! I am looking to do something similar and it warms my heart to know that you have had success with Spark.publish() :smiley: