Webhook, no pretty text, doesnt go through (GPS data Ubidots)

Hello Particle forms.

I am observing sometimes my webhooks do not go through, and it becomes clear when viewing on Particle Console.

Here is the correct webhook, this is going to Ubidots correctly. It looks great.

And here is the Version that does not go through… The main difference is the addition of GPS data.
I also don’t see the “pretty” formatting, this is connected to it not sending to Ubidots.
What in the GPS data is causing the webhook to not render properly? It is not being received on Ubidots.


The lat/lng part doesn’t seem to be valid JSON. Try copying it into a JSON checker?


context property is malformed, lat / lng property names should be in quotes, not have a dollar sign.

something more like:

"context": { "lat": 1234, "lng": 4567 }

instead of:

"context": { lat=1234$lng=4567 }