Webhook Missing Some Characters?

I have a student who is trying to fetch some weather data from api.openweathemap.org. The data (JSON) arriving into the callback function is correct half the time, and missing the first 3 characters the other half, but the original data (when we paste it into a web browser) appears to be always properly formulated.
I won’t rule out the idea that my student did something wrong (sorry, student, for throwing you under the bus ;-), but is there any chance that this might be a bug on Particle’s end? Has anyone every heard of anything like this before?

How long is the response?
How does the response look in console.particle.io/events?
Could it be that you are receiving multiple (fragmented) responses for a single request?
Are you using a response template to reduce the length?


Good points, ScruffR - I’ll confer with the student and report back.

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My student came in, we ran it … and it worked perfectly. No idea what was happening the other day …