Webhook integration with Firebase – Authentication

I am trying to set up a webhook integration with Firebase and I am having problems doing the authentication bit correctly.

Some tutorials are showing using Legacy tokens, that Firebase recommends not using now.

I would like to authenticate using user/password, but I cannot figure it out why even putting those values on the webhook, I get authentication denied.

I will appreciate any help.

@rickkas7 - would you be able to confirm w/r/t the state of the Firebase tutorials?

I’m pretty sure it only works with legacy authentication. You definitely cannot use user/pass (HTTP basic authentication) for Firebase API calls.

Hey Tomas, would it be possible for you to use the Particle-Google integration?

Oh, yea, it is possible to write to Firebase using the Google Cloud Integration, which supports non-legacy authentication. Caveat is that you need to use either an App Engine instance or Google Cloud Function. On the plus side, you can manipulate the data before it goes into the database so you have much better control over what goes into the fields.