Web Interface with WebIOPi

So using this great tutorial I made a page that will effectively output the data from each of my Photons, but I’m working on a project that when any Photon’s variable being outputted is ‘Open’, the Raspberry Pi that is hosting the page, will run a python script. To do this I’m trying to use WebIOPi which allows me to interface a web page to call and execute python functions.

However, when I try to incorporate the WebIOPi part in the site’s HTML by adding this to the head:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/webiopi.js"></script>

and this to the other internal JS that’s pulling the Published events from the Photons:

webiopi().callMacro("myFunction", myVariable);

the locally hosted site shows up, but when I try to press the ‘Connect’ button (which starts the pulling of Photon Publishes and worked before the WebIOPi integration) nothing happens.

I think this is because the external webiopi.js file is overriding the internal js which pulls the Photon Publishes, but I’m not sure.

I’d really appreciate any help!