Web IDE shortcut for flashing the firmware?


The Wed IDE has three icons on the top left to Flash, Verify and Save the firmware being edited.

Since there is a shortcut for saving the file (CRTL-S), perhaps there is one for flashing? perhaps there is one even for verifying?

I’ll be glad to know.
Thank you!

Hey @gusgonnet,

If you decide to use Particle Dev, there is a shortcut for flashing via cloud, and it is CRTL+U. You can also use CRTL+R to compile the firmware.

Additional commands can be found in the Atom command palette, which can be brought up with SHIFT+CRTL+P.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the help. I am using the Web IDE and will be using it until Particle Dev comes out for Linux, apparently soon.
Unfortunately, the shortcuts you mention are not good for the Web IDE, since they do something else in the browser itself - but thanks for trying to help me nonetheless!