Web IDE bug: New library files filled with code from other library files in the project


I’m using the Web IDE to write my code and I keep encountering a “bug” related to newly added custom libraries. The issue appears when, working on a project that already has libraries and code, I press the + button to add a new custom library and then click on its corresponding tab.

The supposedly empty file appears to be filled from code from the latest not empty tab I have clicked. This happens for the header and source files. I can navigate throught previously created tabs and see the corresponding code without a problem though.

If I reload the page, with the faulty tab selected, the copied code is no longer shown, but as soon as I change to a different tab and go back the issue returns. Writing something and saving prevents the error from happening, what I wrote is shown properly. Finally if I edit the “copied” code, the changes are saved on the selected tab, not affecting the tab from the code was taken from.

I have tried it in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers with the same result. I’m not sure if this is happening only to me.

Yup, that is a known bug, but it’s unlikely that this gets ever repaird as Web IDE will be replaced some time “soon”.

Although I have seen this bug behave slightly different: When you add a new file set (.h + .cpp) and then copy/paste some code to one of the two, the other automatically inherits the same code too. However I’ve made it a habit to save the project once I performed the first copy/paste action, then switch over to the other file with the redundant code hit Ctrl+A then Del and save again.