Weather Library

FYI: The ArduinoJson library underwent a major interface update and is no longer compatible with the weather library. See:

For now I just pulled the older version (v3.4).

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Hey, I’m fairly new to coding and have no idea how libraries work in Spark. I was wondering if anyone can help me understand how to do the second step of the installation where I have to download and install the Parser library?

PS. I want to do this whole thing project integrated with mine that uses the weather information to light up RBG LEDs to determine weather conditions


@MrNodus, I have used a “parsing” webhook with openweather to do all the work of getting only the forecast data I wanted. I will be publishing the RGBPongClock project I did for the upcoming San Francisco Faire which includes getting a 7day weather forecast and displaying it on a 16x32 RGB Matrix display. :smile:

@peekay123, that sounds awesome! But the project I’m trying to do is this flowchart below.

Yeah with webhooks this is going to be a lot nicer. I look forward to see your solution and adapt my code to it. :wink:

@Coffee, take a look at the project I am bringing to the San Francisco Maker Faire (later this week!). You’ll find the weather code in there along with a description of the webhook I setup. Hopefully, it will inspire you!

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