WDF VIOLATION error when SEMI_AUTOMATIC enable on particle serial monitor


I am getting a WDF VIOLATION error when I enable SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC); in my code, load the code into P1 module, press reset button then do a particle serial monitor right after pressing reset button. But I will not get WDF VIOLATION error if I wait a bit before I run particle serial monitor withSYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC); enable .

If I comment out SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC);, everything works with particle serial monitor. I can run particle serial monitor right after I press the reset button with out the WDF VIOLATION error.

I have try uninstalling all the particle driver, CLI, DEV and reinstall it but the result is the same. Its not a stopper since I can still use particle serial monitor just don’t run right after a rest. I am curious if anyone have ran into this issue before.

After doing a complete virus scan, this error have not show up. This could be cause of a virus on my computer.

Have you seen this thread?

@nrobinson2000, I did red the posting before posting the question. I thought I fix the problem with the virus scan but its still happen when I do particle serial monitor right after pressing the reset button. I tried uninstall all the particle driver, cli, dev and reinstall but still didn’t help. It started when I started using the semi_automatic mode. Right now, I just wait a little bit after reset button pressed before I launch particle serial monitor but I will lost serial print in the setup().

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it is a driver issue with the particle usb driver. Likely it is deep in windows and unlikely to be fixed. Put a long delay at start, test for USB connect, then delay then start printing. It happens when you/I connect to the serial port before the photon has really set it up.