Was it me, or was there a Red Bear Catagory


Just becasue I’m love doing things the hard way… I wanted to try using an old Red Bear module for a application that is highly likely to get stolen, or abused at work.

It all started out well but I’ve run in to a few issues, in that it put itself in to listening mode one morning and now I’m having trouble getting its wi-fi creds to work…

I’m reading through the avaialbe docs etc and working on the issue.

But I seem to remember there used to be a Read Bear catagorie on here for a bit. Is my ‘Old timers’ making me remember a roseier past or has it shut down?


Not sure about a dedicated category for RedBear, but https://discuss.redbear.cc is still available (but not very active - AFAICT)

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Hi Scruff,

Thanks for that… I’m not expecting alot of activity, but the history might have the gems in the coal I’m looking for.



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Thanks for the pointer Scruff, after the best part of my Saterday (But its cold and raining here on London UK) recovered my red bear!

Once again, you saved the day!



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Hey Liam,

Glad to hear you got the issue resolved. Just as a note, the Redbear team still does monitor their forums at https://discuss.redbear.cc/ , so while it may not always seem active, it is still the recommended to go place for any questions you may have!