Waking Up Due to Ambient RF Noise

I am having issues with my Electrons waking up un-commanded from what I believe is ambient RF noise. If placed by an electric fence charger or by my refrigerator, while in sleep mode, they will wake up when the fence pulses or the refrigerator kicks on. I’ve tried adding an external pull-down resistor, 20k and a 10k, but still see the issue. I can put the Electron to sleep and wake it as expected otherwise. Is there a way to debounce, or require high pulse of a longer duration, before the wake interrupt is generated?

I am using the following lines of code to put the Electrons in sleep mode:
const int wakePin = D0;

For my circuit I am pulling power off of the 3V3 pin, go thru a 1k resistor, go thru a normally open push button, and then to the D0 pin.

What system version have you got on your device?

In previous versions the WKP pin also woke the Electron.
If this is the case with your version, either pull WKP low too, or upgrade the system.

I have firmware version 0.5.2 on the electrons.

I don’t know how to tell, and could not find any info on how to determine, what hardware version they are. Could you help me out here?

You can go to https://console.particle.io/logs and the put your device in Safe Mode - then you should see an event with some info about your device
You put your device into Listening Mode and use

particle serial inspect
# or
particle identify

or via a serial terminal and sending v

However you can just update the device to 0.5.3 via

particle update