Wakeup on B404x

I do not see any pin identified as a wakeup pin on the B404x datasheet. I am trying to see whether I should change to a B404X or an E404X since the E0 module went end of life. Can anyone provide guidance on this?

Could pins 40 or 42 be used as a wake up pin for the B404x?

All pins can wake a Gen 3 device from all sleep modes. This includes the B404, B404X, and E404X, among others. For the E404X it’s in the migration guide but it’s also true for the B Series SoM and Tracker SoM.

Thank you Rick. So, the B404x is funcionally the same as the E404, except for the Lipo battery charging. So I will have to charge the battery somehow if I switch to the B404. The pins and signals have different names. Are there other functional differences?

The E404X is like the B404X but with an added PMIC (bq24195), and fuel gauge (MAX17043), chips. And the E404X is a solder-down module vs. the M.2 socket for the B Series SoM.

The E404X is a compromise between having the same form-factor as the old Gen 2 E Series, but with the same chips as the Boron BRN404X, because of supply chain constraints. But because of the devices have different MCUs, there are some important differences in ports and pin functionality.

If you have to do any redesign from a Gen 2 E Series, we recommend that you just go a little farther and go directly to the B Series SoM (M.2 form-factor). The E404X is a one-off because of supply chain issues, and there won’t be any more designs using the old E Series form-factor.

All new cellular modules will be M.2 form-factor devices. Among other things, the M.2 is wide enough to fit many more cellular modules, like the LTE Cat 1 with 2G/3G fallback EMEAA (Quectel EG91-E) on the B524.

Thank you for your help in making this decision. Hopefully our software that was written for the E0 module will work without changes except for what relates to the bluetooth and pin assignments. We have a huge software investment in that configuration and cannot afford to reinvest in the software development. I have studied the E404x and there is just enough i/o to do it, with only one spare pin. Per your advice, I will move to the M2 form factor. I didn’t like the E0 formfactor anyway, but it was the only cellular device that particle had which had a higher temperature specification. The Electron module did not survive in the hot sun.