VOC Indoor Air Quality sensor (iAQ): AS-MLV from AppliedSensor

This sensor can be found inside the Air Wick FreshMatic Odor Detect products, on a module labelled “R002561 ARNIE SENSOR”. I want to reuse it…

Does someone already investigated to use it with the Spark Core and worked on a library for it ?

Alternately, does someone implemented the port of the library for the Air Quality sensor from Groove (SEN01111P). I had a look at the library and I clearly didn’t understand the logic of this sensor.

Thanks for your feedback.


@Pascal, I ported the SeeedStudio library for the Grove sensor but the issue with using that sensor is that it is powered by 5V and I am not sure what the output voltage range is. The Core analog inputs can’t take more than 3.3v so a resistor divider may be required. Also, the Arduino ADC is 10 bits while the Core’s is 12 bits. This changes the values read and tested in the code. I’ll be looking at the sensor output this weekend and hopefully post a library and instructions also. :smiley:

@Pascal, ideally the TP-401 sensor is burned-in for 48 hours as indicated in the spec sheet. I have had my new on plugged for about an hour now and noticed the output voltage go from over 4v to around 1v so far. So I will let it burn-in overnight before I work on the code for it. :smile:


great to remind me that the power for the Grove Air Quality is 5V an also the issue of the 10 bits vs 12 bits to handle…

On the other hand, after deep digging, I finally found that the AS-MLV seems to be also used in the EveryAware SensorBox project, and I found also an Arduino integration of the sensor by Dirk K. (dekoepi): http://www.heise.de/make/artikel/Wider-dem-Mief-2235138.html and http://www.mikrocontroller.net/topic/336431
and the related code in C… for Arduino: http://pastebin.com/4YeBrv9h
and for ATMega 328: http://pastebin.com/RVVtzSSh


btw, as it seems that the Grove Air Quality use a different sensor (TP-401) than the AS-MLV, it will then be interesting to compare the results of both (I have both in hands :slight_smile: )

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