Vitals information - What does Connection: Error -220 mean?

Can anyone provide any guidance to what error code -220 means in the Vitals - Cloud - Connection part of the JSON? I have a device that dropped off and is no longer connected for several days. The last 2 leading up to the disconnect the device had some unusual behavior. I have a hardware watchdog using the AB805 application note AN023 Watchdog Timers | Datasheets | Particle with the same code running on many other devices without issue so I do not think it’s a application code issue. Cellular signal strength was 45% and the device was at 94% battery so everything leading up to it seemed to be in good health. The last vitals message it published was a little unusual. What caught my eye was the error -220. Anyone know what that means?

{'status': 'connected',
 'error': -220,
 'attempts': 4, 
'disconnects': 0, 
'disconnect_reason': 'none'}, 
'coap': {'transmit': 19, '
retransmit': 16,
'unack': 1,
 'round_trip': 277},
 'publish': {'rate_limited': 0}}

I already submitted a particle support ticket but is there anything else I should be looking at? The odd thing is it was working just fine until “2022-01-31 12:00:10.000” Maybe just a coincidence but just happened to be the end of the month? I wonder if the SIM card/device was being declined by the carrier or something. Anyone have any guidance or insights. This particular device is at a customer’s site and he also lives 3-4 hours away from it.

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Believe me, I can appreciate how frustrating these issues are. I hope you find a resolution quickly.

I doubt this will be helpful but I have been collecting a lot of data for my connection issues and I did a test search which came up empty for “-220” - my devices have all sort of issue so perhaps you are onto something with the SIM card or some other edge case.

Good luck and sorry I could not be of more help.


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