Vehicle tracker with maps

Hello, fellow makers!

I started posting my vehicle (motorbike in my case) tracker (anti-thieves) project on, it’s using the 3G asset tracker kit, web hooks, AWS services and Google maps.

Also note that I added 2 external buttons to the enclosure that allow me to:

  • reset the electron
  • set the electron in USB firmware upload mode without opening the enclosure
  • send a GPS position manually (mostly for tests)
  • switch the tracker to privacy mode

This is a map showing me the last trips/positions of my bike in the last 12 hours:

Read more here:

(work in progress)

the slightly tweaked enclosure:

Next steps: switching off the engine, horning, flashing the lights and more, all remotely :smile:

Note: I’m still working on optimizing the data consumption but I get a 15s GPS track precision on my trips without passing the 1MB monthly limit. Data is also kept forever in dynamoDB, for now.

Side note: I now know how to interface the electron (and photon) properly with AWS API Gateway, AWS lambda and AWS DynamoDB, which will help me improve my home automation project


Great project there Peergum,

I saw another interesting use of arduino’s over at Instructables, basically showing you how to interface to the CANBUS of your car. Now, I don’t know if you motorcycle has CANBUS, but most cars do, and this would be great to interface with your idea. Using the car computer to trigger the lighting/horn, turn off the fuel pump, make the engine run badly, all from some serial commands. Looks like fun :smile:

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I don’t think my bike has CANBUS but who knows?! Still a great idea and I’ll take a peek at it. Interfacing arduino and particle should be fairly easy…

Electron/Photon do have a CAN interface too.
You might like to look into these threads
Carloop: connected car adapter
Connect to your car with Carloop

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Hi, I checked your project on Hackster and I’d like to use an Electron 3G tracker kit on a boat.
But your story is not complete from step 4… (coming soon)

Do you have the intention to publish the rest of your project soon?


Hey Filip,

Yes, I’ll complete the steps as soon as I can get some free time :slight_smile: Pretty busy lately…

The code for the HTML page with the javascript that pulls up the data from the API is also missing, I have to add that in - I forgot for some reason… - and I also plan to make real-time refreshes later, so that you don’t have to refresh the page.


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Sounds very interesting and useful Phil, I’m looking forward to trying out your project also!
Not so urgent, though: I will have more time from next winter for this…

Any update on this? I would like to use it instead of buying some $160 units