Using the Electron with Third-party Servers Directly

Is it possible to use Electron with third-party servers directly with using particle cloud?

I was really hoping to be able to use the Electron in the same way I can use an Arduino with a SIM900 shield for example.

Sending http requests, TCP, UDP?

Yes of course you can use other servers.
You can use the http library.
It works great with Electron.
Also other libraries that are based on TCP Client you are free to use.

Hi there.
Did you mean …withOUT using particle cloud?
If so, the short answer is yes. I’m doing it now. But there are some considerations.
For instance, I had to roll my own cryptographic signature to ensure that no one else could post to my server with bogus data.

… and beware that there is a bug (fixed now in develop and 0.5) which caused weird effects, if the response was short (see [solved] Electron: TCPClient weirdness).