Using pre-built libraries in Particle Dev IDE

Hi there!

I’m trying to use STM32 cryptographic library ( on my Photon and I have issue at the moment compiling my project on Particle Dev IDE.

I would like to use one of the crypto algos from the library above. The library itself comes with pre-compiled .a object files which I would like to use in my project.

The question is really, how to use pre-built libraries in Particle Dev IDE? Do I need to publish them first?



It’s not possible to use pre-compiled object files with any of the cloud compilers, including the Particle Dev desktop atom IDE. You can only use C/C++ source files.

Also, I’m skeptical that that library would fit. The STM32 cube stuff targets the STM32F4xx which has much more memory than the STM32F205 in the Photon and Electron.

It is possible to use parts of mbedTLS successfully on the Photon/Electron if you only include the algorithms you need.

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Also the STM32F4xx and some STM32F2xx have dedicated crypto HW but the F205 has not.

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