Using P1 module | USB port to read log/printf

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Could you please advise if I could read LOG/Printf from the USB port (of P1) or I must use UART to read Printf?

Also, I would like to know if the JTAG port on the P1 module works and if I can use a debugger on these JTAG pins to debug my application?

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The P1 module itself doesn't have a USB connector but if you have one on your base board it is supported.

The standard C library printf is not supported, however Serial is the USB serial port, and the log handler can be used to write to USB serial.

JTAG/SWD is enabled in the bootloader for code flashing, but by default Particle firmware binaries have it disabled. If you build a debug build in Particle Workbench JTAG/SWD is enabled and you can use the source debugger with gdb and OpenOCD.

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@rickkas7 Hello,

Thank you for your fast response, as I understand the LOG handler works via USB.
I found the below guide and if I need further support I'll let you know.

Thanks a lot.
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