USB Serial Debugging Log Tutorial

There’s a new USB serial debugging tutorial!

  • Using the particle serial monitor and other terminal programs
  • Using and other logging calls to print debugging messages
  • Using sprintf formatting for log messages
  • Using two-way USB serial
  • Customizing log levels
  • Using UART serial debug logging

There’s also a new web-based USB serial debug window. It’s only available on Chrome (version 89 or newer) on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chromebook. The main use case is a Chromebook, but it also is handy for quick serial log debugging, or if you can’t install software on the computer, as long as you have a current Chrome browser available.


very well done, the docs look solid, thank you!

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Nice! I was hoping to level up my debugging/logging ability and these reference docs are always appreciated! Thank you!

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This is very helpful to me, thanks for sharing!