Using MS Visual C++ Studio 2010 to write my own firmware instead of web based programming

Hello there,

I want to use MS Visual C++ Studio 2010 or GCC to build my firmware instead of using web based programming. What are the steps to get started? I’m fine programming my device over USB to begin with.


Please goto this thread:

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maitrey… I will be watching if you get Studio operating; I am using that for other things but not SPARK. I opted for NetBeans, mostly becasue there is an excellent video describing the unique install required for SPARK. Search this to find the video:

"How to video for compiling locally in Windows"

NetBeans is very stable, and is somewhat similar to Studio. Loading the core using USB has operated without a problem. I like the error descriptions a bit better than the CLOUD format.

A temporary caution for using any IDE: The CLOUD IDE does not allow custom libraries and “h” files. If you build in the IDE with these associated files, you can not “simply” use the CLOUD IDE without some amount of custom changes. While I like the local IDE for my complex development, the CLOUD is needed for future planned activities.

As far as the Spark Web IDE is concerned, the user now has the ability of adding multiple files/libraries!

mohit… thank you for the clarification… I knew it was coming…

Thanks Mohit and Henry, I’m going to keep you updated about the exact process that works for me. Stay tuned.