Using Li NMC instead of LiPo

We are thinking of using Li-NMC batteries, instead of LiPo batteries, at the Li+ pins (or JST).

Li-NMC batteries also have the nominal voltage of 3.7V and maximum voltage of 4.2V, which is the same as LiPo. We may also be connecting a solar panel at our VIN pin, the battery at Li+ will be charging by BQ24195 IC.

I want to ask whether we can simply swap LiPo with Li-NMC batteries? Does the BQ24195 charger support Li-NMC batteries. Given that both battery chemistries have the same voltages, is there anything else to keep in mind while changing the battery chemistries, but keeping the same charge controller.

Yes, you can.

Yes because they operate on the same charge and voltage cut off setpoints.

No, they are interchangeable.

Do make sure you have protection PCB attached to whatever Lithium Battery you use to disconnect the battery when there is a Short circuit, Over Voltage, or Under Voltage event.

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