Using LEDMatrix/LEDSprites in Particle projects?


when searching for a library which is able to display sprites on a WS2812b matrix, i stumbled across this one:

Since my project is already based on FastLED, i put both libraries in ~/Particle/community/libraries directories, created “” files and tried to compile the examples which come with LEDMatrix and LEDSprites. When trying to compile the MatrixExample1 code, it fails with:

In file included from lib/LEDMatrix/src/LEDMatrix.cpp:11:0:
lib/LEDMatrix/src/LEDMatrix.h:17:17: error: field 'm_OutOfBounds' has incomplete type
     struct CRGB m_OutOfBounds;
lib/LEDMatrix/src/LEDMatrix.cpp: In member function 'CRGB* cLEDMatrixBase::operator[](int)':
lib/LEDMatrix/src/LEDMatrix.cpp:20:18: error: invalid use of incomplete type 'struct CRGB'
In file included from lib/LEDMatrix/src/LEDMatrix.cpp:11:0:
lib/LEDMatrix/src/LEDMatrix.h:16:12: error: forward declaration of 'struct CRGB'
     struct CRGB *m_LED;

This looks like some structs which are defined in the FastLED code aren’t defined. But the “FastLED.h” header is included in LEDMatrix.h in the rirst line. Since i’m not quite a C/C++ guru, i need some help on this.

kind regards,


You may need to use the namespace NSFastLED
either via

using namespace NSFastLED;



I already added this after each #include “FastLED.h” line, but this didn’t made the errors go away.