FastLED2 library missing .h file

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use the FastLED2 library with the web GUI

// This #include statement was automatically added by the Particle IDE.
#include <FastLED2.h>

void setup(){}
void loop(){}

However i get the following from the get go.

apatest.ino:2:22: FastLED2.h: No such file or directory

Where am i going wrong?

AFAICT there actually is no FastLED2.h in that library.
But there is a FastLED.h.

However, from your project name apatest.ino I guess you want to control APA102 LEDs and for those I would not use any library but HW SPI with a few lines of custom code as they are really simple to control.

This was a very simple test project of mine (the actual APA102 stuff is ~10 lines of that entire project)

Thanks for this suggestion, I will study it.

But at this time I would like to utilise the extensive library of pre-buit FastLED effects.

So just trying to get FastLED2 working.

If I change FastLED2.h to FastLED.h. none of the examples in the FastLED2 library compile.


Which samples have you tested?
I tried ArrayOfLedArrays and that built just fine (and it does in fact use FastLED.h).

What errors do you see?
Can you post a SHARE THIS REVISION link to one of your not-building samples?

Hi, I tried DemoReel100.ino

with the following errors:
apatest.ino:6:18: variable or field ‘addGlitter’ declared void
apatest.ino:6:18: ‘fract8’ was not declared in this scope

This is a namespacing error.
Just got to the definition of void addGlitter(fract8 chanceOfGlitter) and change that to
void addGlitter(::fract8 chanceOfGlitter)
or fully qualified
void addGlitter(NSFastLED::fract8 chanceOfGlitter)

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Its compiling now - thank you!!

I changed to APA102 and still compiling.

but not sure of the correct pins?

#define DATA_PIN D3
#define CLK_PIN D4
#define LED_TYPE APA102

I don’t think the library is using the HW SPI (with its DMA capabilities) so you are free to chose whatever pins you want.

With HW SPI you would use A3 & A5 for SPI or D4 & D2 for SPI1.

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I am pleased to confirm that it working on A3 & A5 so could be using SPI?
Thanks very much for your guidance.

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