Using Classic Adapter

I will be using the classic adapter to replace a Photon.

In my current code, I am using pin WKP which maps to D12 in the adapter. What is the correct syntax for placing a compiler directive for the pin? The following code did not work …

int microType = 0; //=0 legacy, =1 Mesh
#if (microType == 0) ParticleSoftSerial sensor = ParticleSoftSerial(WKP, D6);
#if (microType == 1) ParticleSoftSerial sensor = ParticleSoftSerial(D12, D6);

ParticleSoftSerial hasn’t been ported for mesh devices yet.
In order to get it ported the SparkIntervalTimer library needs to be ported first.

Thank you @ScruffR. Good to know.