Using B523 with Thingspeak

I am porting an application that works in UK and collects environmental data from running on a Particle Electron to a Particle B523 board as the former only uses 2G/3G which will get sunsetted. Using the Particle Workbench the sensnor libraries transfer OK but the ThingSpeak library does not. I get an error message saying the library does not support the B5SOM board. Is there an updated library available?

Adter discussuins with Particle Support team they noted that the B523 is actually not supported currently, based on the existing library. Can modify library using Workbench and if you edit a library locally in the library directory, make sure you also remove it from

The file in question is: thingspeak-particle/ThingSpeak.h at master · mathworks/thingspeak-particle · GitHub and to do something like:

#elif PLATFORM_ID == 13 || PLATFORM_ID == 23 || PLATFORM_ID == 25

Have now made this alteration to the library and it all works with ThingSpeak.

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