Uses for the Particle Debugger?

From my original Particle mesh bundle and then buying another one recently on ebay, I now own two Particle Debuggers. So far, I’ve not had any problems with my code that a few public or print statements can not solve, so I have not needed the power of the debugger. However I am suffering from the thought that I have a cool looking toy that I have not played with.

Apart from doing the GDB level of debugging, are there any other uses or anything anyone else has been using the debugger for?

Can you use it as a general serial to USB device? Can you use it as a FTDI programmer for the likes of ESP32 and atTiny boards?

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it’s probably a bit higher-level than what you are looking for but fwiw, we have a number of video walk-thrus on our youtube channel:

in particular, here’s a bit on debugging specifically:

hope it helps :+1:

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Thanks for that. I had found a few docs doing similar. I’ve not needed that level of debugging so far. I was just wondering if anyone found any other useful functions for one.